Interview with Bill Condon

New Fuse: Bill condon said "please stay in the Credits as there is a little sneak peak of part 2"

Woof,who stayed?

Also he said on the question "Little expectations about Part-2 in 3 words?" He replied "Epic....... And a...... Bella..Vampire Goddess,.....four words"
Seems like i cant wait for Part-2!!!

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Interview with Bill Condon

Robert Pattinson: 'Harry Potter' Fans Don't Compare To 'Twilight' Fans

Robert Pattinson: 'Harry Potter' Fans Don't Compare To 'Twilight' Fans.

'Breaking Dawn' director Bill Condon wasn't the only one dropping bombs at the live panel discussion at the Official Twilight Convention in L.A. over the weekend.Robert Pattinson put 'Harry Potter' fans on blast when he said they didn't hold a candle to the 'Twilight' fans he's met over the years while promoting the franchise.

"We've been doing press for the last two days and it's the most insanely boring thing in the world, and then we come do something like this and people are screaming, 'Pull your pants down!' or whatever... it does make it exciting," he said.

Rob went on to say he thinks 'Twilight' fans are more fanatical than fans of any other series, including... wait for it, 'Harry Potter.'

"Twilight fans, I have never seen fanatics for other series that even compare to this," he said. "I did a 'Harry Potter' movie and the fans of that, they like 'Harry Potter,' but they're not like.. [pauses as people start cheering]... you're screaming because you're 'Harry Potter' fans, I'm just about to put you down. There's no comparison to 'Twilight' fans, they're literally on the verge of being clinically insane. But it makes premieres and stuff absolutely amazing experiences, it's like being hit by a tidal wave and it's been a lot of fun over the years."

What do you think, do you agree? Or are you one of the 'Harry Potter' fans who goes nuts over Daniel, Rupert and Emma, not Rob, Taylor and Kristen? Also, should Rob try to land a Tribute role in either 'Catching Fire' or 'Mockingjay' so he can appear in that teen trilogy as well?

Watch the entire 'Breaking Dawn' panel live stream HERE

Twilight Cast Birthdays

Twilight Cast Birthdays

Below is a list of all birthdays for the cast of the Twilight saga movies.
Alex Meraz: January 10, 1985 (Paul)
Daniel Cudmore: January 20,1981 (Felix)
Booboo Stewart: January 21, 1994 (Seth Clearwater)
Julia Jones: January 23, 1981 (Leah Clearwater)
Charlie Bewley: January 25, 1981 (Demetri)
Cameron Bright: January 26, 1993 (Alec)
Tracey Heggins: February 1 (Senna)
Rachelle Lefevre: February 1, 1979 (Victoria)
Michael Sheen: February 5, 1969 (Aro)
Tyson Houseman: February 9, 1990 (Quil Ateara)
Taylor Lautner: February 11, 1992 (Jacob Black)
Sarah Clarke: February 16, 1972 (Renee Dwyer)
Ashley Greene: February 21, 1987 (Alice Cullen)
Dakota Fanning: February 23, 1994 (Jane)
Bryce Dallas Howard: March 2, 1981(Victoria)
Chaske Spencer: March 9, 1975 (Sam Uley)
Edi Gathegi: March 10, 1979 (Laurent)
Noel Fisher: March 13, 1984 (Vladimir)
Kellan Lutz: March 15, 1985 (Emmett Cullen)
Lee Pace: March 25, 1979 (Garrett)
Kiowa Gordon: March 25, 1990 (Embry Call)
Tinsel Korey: March 25 (Emily)
Joe Anderson: March 26, 1982 (Alistair)
Judi Shekoni: March 31, 1982 (Zafrina)
Kristen Stewart: April 9, 1990 (Bella Swan)
Catalina Sandino Moreno: April 19, 1981 (Maria)
Rami Malek: May 12, 1981 (Benjamin)
Robert Pattinson: May 13, 1986 (Edward Cullen)
Nikki Reed: May 17, 1988 (Rosalie Hale)
Justin Chon: May 29, 1981 (Eric)
Elizabeth Reaser: June 15, 1975 (Esme Cullen)
Mia Maestro: June 19, 1978 (Carmen)
Graham Greene: June 22, 1952 (Harry Clearwater)
Angela Sarafyan: June 30, 1983 (Tia)
Andrea Gabriel: July 4, 1978 (Kebi)
Christian Camargo: July 7, 1971 (Eleazar)
Gil Birmingham: July 13, 1966 (Billy Black)
Michael Welch: July 25, 1987 (Mike)
Guri Weinberg: August 1 (Stefan)
Anna Kendrick: August 9, 1985 (Jessica)
Erik Odom: August 14th (Peter)
Cam Gigandet: August 16, 1982 (James)
Melissa Rosenberg: August 28, 1962 (Twilight Saga Screenwriter)
JD Pardo: September 7, 1980 (Nahuel)
Maggie Grace: September 21, 1983 (Irina)
Christian Serratos: September 21, 1990 (Angela)
MyAnna Buring: September 22, 1984 (Tanya)
David Slade: September 26, 1969 (Eclipse Director)
Kirsten Prout: September 28, 1990 (Lucy)
Toni Trucks: September 30, 1980 (Mary)
Jodelle Ferland: October 9, 1994 (Bree)
Bill Tangradi: October 16 (Randall)
Catherine Hardwicke: October 21, 1955 (Director of Twilight)
Mackenzie Foy: November 10, 2000 (Renesmee)
Jamie Campbell Bower: November 22, 1988 (Caius)
Billy Burke: November 25, 1966 (Charlie Swan)
Peter Facinelli: November 26, 1973 (Carlisle Cullen)
Chris Weitz: November 30, 1969 (Director of New Moon)
Jack Huston: December 7, 1982 (Royce King)
Xavier Samuel: December 10, 1983 (Riley)
Jackson Rathbone: December 21, 1984 (Jasper Hale)
Stephenie Meyer: December 24, 1973 (Author of Twilight Saga)
Patrick Brennan: December 25, 1972 (Liam)
Bronson Pelletier: December 31, 1986 (Jared)
Omar Metwally – Amun
Marlane Barnes – Maggie
Lisa Howard – Siobhan
Valorie Curry – Charlotte
Casey LaBow -Kate
Ty Olsson – Phil Dwyer

If you know any of these cast members birthday or if there is someone else I missed send an email to

Breaking Dawn-1 Soundtrack Info

Soundtrack order:

1) End Tapes – Joy Formidable
Played as the first song during the credits.
2) Love Will Take You – By Angus & Julia Stone
Played during the wedding reception.
3) It Will Rain – By Bruno Mars
Played as the third song during the credits
4) Turning Page – By Sleeping At Last
Played during Edward and Bella’s first love scene. Instrumental version played as Bella walked down the aisle.
5) From Now On – By The Features
Played during the scenes where Edward & Bella play chess on the honeymoon, Bella is attempting to seduce Edward, Edward wears Bella out with activities.
6) A Thousand Years – By Christina Perri
Played as the fourth song during the credits.
7) Neighbors – By Theophilus London
Played in the background during the wedding reception.
8 ) I Didn’t Mean It – By The Belle Brigade
Played as the second song during the credits (over the Volturi scene)
9) Sister Rosetta (2011 Version) – By Noisettes
Played while Bella is “prepping” for her wedding night, and talking herself up.
10) Northern Lights – By Cider Sky
Played while Bella is dancing with Jacob outside of her wedding reception.
11) Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version) – By Iron & Wine
Played during the wedding vows.
12) Requiem On Water – By Imperial Mammoth
Played after Bella discovers she is pregnant.
13) Cold – By Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz
Played when Bella is getting sicker and sicker from carrying the hybrid baby.
14) Llovera – By Mia Maestro
Played when Bella meets Edward in the water during the honeymoon.
15) Love Death Birth – By Carter Burwell
Played during the delivery of the baby, the attempt to revive Bella, the transformation.
16) Like a Drug – Hard-Fi (Bonus track from Deluxe Version of album)
Played during dancing at the reception (notably the humans are dancing crazily when the song starts playing)

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Christina Perri *A Thousand Years*

Heartbeats fast 
Colors and promises 
How to be brave 
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall 
But watching you stand alone 
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow 
One step closer 

I have died everyday waiting for you 
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you 
For a thousand years 
I love you for a thousand more 

Time stands still 
Beauty in all she is 
I will be brave 
I will not let anything take away 
What's standing in front of me 
Every breath 
Every hour has come to this 
One step closer 
[ Lyrics from: ] 
I have died everyday waiting for you 
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you 
For a thousand years 
I love you for a thousand more 

And all along I believed I would find you 
Time has brought your heart to me 
I have loved you for a thousand years 
I love you for a thousand more 

One step closer 
One step closer 

I have died everyday waiting for you 
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you 
For a thousand years 
I love you for a thousand more 

And all along I believed I would find you 
Time has brought your heart to me 
I have loved you for a thousand years 
I love you for a thousand more.

for Kanishka Salvatore Somerhalder
  Heather Moore-Wright
    Jan Copeland 
Linda Lovrin 

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*A thousand years*

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