'Twilight' Prom Scene Featured in Oscar Montage

Twilight Prom Kiss at 00.16

 Included in Oscars 

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Bella Swan Wedding Makeup Tutorial “Breaking Dawn Part 1″

Taken from HERE ,

The first thing to do is neutralize any discoloration on the eyelid. I normally use a little foundation, concealer or a flesh-toned eye pencil (Three Custom Color Clarifier Pencil) all over the eye area up to the brow, then set with translucent powder.  This eliminates the need to use a flesh-toned eyeshadow as a “base” color and creates a more stable/long-lasting canvas for the eye makeup application.
Bella’s eyelid is washed  with shimmering eyeshadow that reflects light without sparkling (let’s leave that effect to Edward’s skin in the sun). Start with a shimmering Champagne color like OCC’s Loose Color in Clove.  Apply to the very inner corner of the eye (by the tear-duct) and blend this color outward towards the center of the eyelid. Next, we need a honey brown color and Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow #421 has a beautiful warm tone and subtle glow.  Apply the eyeshadow starting at the outside corner of the eyelid, blending inward and also up into the crease.   If applied correctly, these two colors should create a soft gradient effect of light to dark on the lid (check the image above if you’re unsure of placement).
Bella’s eye is then softly defined and smudged.  I suggest a powder kohl pencil for this and the  MAC Eye Kohl Liner in Phone Number is the right texture and charcoal color.  Holding the pencil tip parallel to the lash line (not point in), begin drawing the line from where the inner lashes start and graduate from thin to a thicker line as you reach the outer corner of the eyelid.  This gives the eye a slight upward tilt and keeps it looking fresh and open. Take a small eyeshadow brush and diffuse the line by blending and smudging the liner into the lashes and blurring the hard edge. Now set the liner (using the same brush) with a matte taupe eyeshadow.  Nars Matte Eyeshadow in Bali is a good choice.  Use the same eyeshadow to line the lower lashes 3/4 of the way in from the outside corner.  Don’t go all the way to the inside corner, we want to keep the eye open.  Brows must be groomed and filled in softly.  I usually use an eyeshadow that matches the hair color and mix it with a little hard hair wax so I can color and groom eyebrows in one step.  If you don’t feel like being a home chemist, try Benefit Brow Zings or Smashbox Brow Tech.
Apply two coats of black mascara to the upper lashes, combing through to remove clumps and separate lashes between coats.  I don’t suggest mascara on the lower lashes unless you have light or blond lashes. If that’s the case, wipe the mascara wand off with a tissue and use what’s left on the bristles to “dye” your light lashes without adding volume.
Bella’s skin looks beautifully smooth and even toned.  This begins with the correct complexion products.  Always start with well moisturized and primed skin.  I’m a creature of habit and won’t begin a makeup until I’ve prepped with Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate (normal/dry) or Emulsion Hydra-Mat (combo/oily).  I can’t stress how important moisturizer is to a finished makeup …even on oily skin.  I feel the same way about primers.  Foundation needs a correctly primed surface (like a painter’s canvas) to apply evenly and stay put.  CoverFX Skin Prep (normal/dry) or DermaDoctor Tease Zone (combo/oily) are two of my faves, but there are many other amazing primers out there.  So experiment and see which formulas work best with the foundation you use.
I prefer to use silicone based foundations because they don’t sink into or clog pores.  They’re also naturally water-resistant …so tears, perspiration, etc. have no effect on them.
I understand that foundation is a personal thing, so I’d rather show options and let you make your own decisions (these are some of the brands my fellow makeup artists use). The only thing I’m absolutely adament about is color matching. When you swatch a foundation on the jawline, it MUST match the skin on the neck directly below it.  If it doesn’t – you got the wrong color and need to keep looking.  I carry full coverage foundations in my kit so I can control how much coverage I use (sheer, moderate, full).  Having full coverage products also eliminates the need to carry separate concealers.  But if you insist on having both, these are concealers I guarantee will work brilliantly.
Cheeks MUST look naturally flushed.  The only way to get this effect is with a mauve/rose toned blush.  It should appear that blood (which is a deep violet colored before exposed to oxygen) has flooded the area and is being seen through flesh tone.  I like using a cream/gel blush and then blending it into the skin with a foundation brush that still has a slight residue of foundation on it.  It tempers the color and makes it look very realistic.  One of my all time bridal blush faves is Tarte Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride (the name says it all, right?).
Finally lips …which in this case are very natural looking but with a lovely innocent shimmer.  One of three lip liners that are always in my makeup kit is Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip #3L.  It’s the perfect rosey nude and WATERPROOF!  Define and fill in the lips entirely with this pencil, let it set for few minutes and then top it off with Armour Beauty Shimmering Gloss in Gypsy (a soft peach with gold shimmer).
So, there it is – have fun at the wedding!


Travel Hazards -Jackson Rathbone

The actor Jackson Rathbone stars in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1, in theaters now, and the web series, Aim High, which he co-produced with McG. Next year, he will head back out on tour with his band, 100 Monkeys. Here, her writes about how her got that black eye as part of our Winter Issue's Travel Tales feature
We'll be posting more travel pieces by everyone from Momofuku pastry chef Christina Tosi to Lady Gaga stylist Nicola Formichetti. You can read about Sasha Grey's trip to Thailand and Germany here.
It was the spring of 2010 and I was in love. The girl who had stolen my heart was a black 2006 custom Gibson Les Paul. We had met in the City of Angels on my 25th birthday. She wanted to come home with me, and I could tell this would be more than a one-night stand. This was love -- not my first -- but the last in a long line of broken strings and humbuckers. Our love was electric. She sang to me, and I knew her name was Betty.
I had been on the road with my band, 100 Monkeys, playing shows across North America. On this leg of the tour, we were playing dive bars and juke joints, caravanning with a small trailer lugged by an old Ford van, followed by a small white Scion xB. It wasn't luxurious by any means, but we were able to connect with our fans on a personal level.
The end of the tour brought 100 Monkeys back to our home state of California, to San Francisco specifically. We had one day off to explore the city, but we spent it in a dingy rehearsal space near the main piers on the industrial side of town. We were writing new songs for our return to Los Angeles in preparation for our future album, Liquid Zoo. After all, music was why we were there, and we had already driven by the famous Haight-Ashbury, now home to a Gap. We preferred to keep playing as opposed to sightseeing.
After rehearsal, we began unloading in a rather disorderly fashion -- joking, sipping beers and passing back instruments and gear, which we lined up along a dimly-lit, one-way alley. I was humming the still half-written lyrics for our future song "Prayer," while directing our tour manager as he backed the van-trailer through the narrow street. Though I was on "night watch" duty, I (admittedly) lost focus of our precious instruments and gear. I would soon learn to never ever make that mistake again. My beloved Betty was gone.
I was in a panic, my senses fully alert. I could taste the salty San Franciscan air, polluted with sticky-sweet carbon dioxide, and my own fear. I could smell the bay, miles away, lapping against the shoreline like an excited Jack Russell terrier. Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow. I turned: "Hey!" A singular exclamation that meant: "You son of a bitch! That's my guitar! Get your ass back here before I cut off your sticky fingers and shove them so deeply into every known orifice that your parents will reel back and choose to never consummate that moment of lust years ago when you were merely a swimming little spunk in your father's left testicle!"
The shadowy figure started running, and so did I.
There are moments you will always remember, and then there are moments when you awaken flying through the air in a fury of righteous anger and indignation, where physical bodies impact much like comets in the cosmos, exploding upon impact, each chipping away at the other and wrestling over a freshly painted guitar case containing a sleeping object of ebony, mahogany and my bleeding, beating heart. I tackled the shadow and it swung back, wild with elbows and fists. My hands bit into concrete to cushion my fall. I held onto the guitar case amidst the writhing and the swinging limbs, as blood began to flow from my temple. Suddenly, the shadow was gone. I began to breathe again. I was alone with my love in my arms.


Interview with Bill Condon

New Fuse: Bill condon said "please stay in the Credits as there is a little sneak peak of part 2"

Woof,who stayed?

Also he said on the question "Little expectations about Part-2 in 3 words?" He replied "Epic....... And a...... Bella..Vampire Goddess,.....four words"
Seems like i cant wait for Part-2!!!

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Interview with Bill Condon

Robert Pattinson: 'Harry Potter' Fans Don't Compare To 'Twilight' Fans

Robert Pattinson: 'Harry Potter' Fans Don't Compare To 'Twilight' Fans.

'Breaking Dawn' director Bill Condon wasn't the only one dropping bombs at the live panel discussion at the Official Twilight Convention in L.A. over the weekend.Robert Pattinson put 'Harry Potter' fans on blast when he said they didn't hold a candle to the 'Twilight' fans he's met over the years while promoting the franchise.

"We've been doing press for the last two days and it's the most insanely boring thing in the world, and then we come do something like this and people are screaming, 'Pull your pants down!' or whatever... it does make it exciting," he said.

Rob went on to say he thinks 'Twilight' fans are more fanatical than fans of any other series, including... wait for it, 'Harry Potter.'

"Twilight fans, I have never seen fanatics for other series that even compare to this," he said. "I did a 'Harry Potter' movie and the fans of that, they like 'Harry Potter,' but they're not like.. [pauses as people start cheering]... you're screaming because you're 'Harry Potter' fans, I'm just about to put you down. There's no comparison to 'Twilight' fans, they're literally on the verge of being clinically insane. But it makes premieres and stuff absolutely amazing experiences, it's like being hit by a tidal wave and it's been a lot of fun over the years."

What do you think, do you agree? Or are you one of the 'Harry Potter' fans who goes nuts over Daniel, Rupert and Emma, not Rob, Taylor and Kristen? Also, should Rob try to land a Tribute role in either 'Catching Fire' or 'Mockingjay' so he can appear in that teen trilogy as well?

Watch the entire 'Breaking Dawn' panel live stream HERE

Twilight Cast Birthdays

Twilight Cast Birthdays

Below is a list of all birthdays for the cast of the Twilight saga movies.
Alex Meraz: January 10, 1985 (Paul)
Daniel Cudmore: January 20,1981 (Felix)
Booboo Stewart: January 21, 1994 (Seth Clearwater)
Julia Jones: January 23, 1981 (Leah Clearwater)
Charlie Bewley: January 25, 1981 (Demetri)
Cameron Bright: January 26, 1993 (Alec)
Tracey Heggins: February 1 (Senna)
Rachelle Lefevre: February 1, 1979 (Victoria)
Michael Sheen: February 5, 1969 (Aro)
Tyson Houseman: February 9, 1990 (Quil Ateara)
Taylor Lautner: February 11, 1992 (Jacob Black)
Sarah Clarke: February 16, 1972 (Renee Dwyer)
Ashley Greene: February 21, 1987 (Alice Cullen)
Dakota Fanning: February 23, 1994 (Jane)
Bryce Dallas Howard: March 2, 1981(Victoria)
Chaske Spencer: March 9, 1975 (Sam Uley)
Edi Gathegi: March 10, 1979 (Laurent)
Noel Fisher: March 13, 1984 (Vladimir)
Kellan Lutz: March 15, 1985 (Emmett Cullen)
Lee Pace: March 25, 1979 (Garrett)
Kiowa Gordon: March 25, 1990 (Embry Call)
Tinsel Korey: March 25 (Emily)
Joe Anderson: March 26, 1982 (Alistair)
Judi Shekoni: March 31, 1982 (Zafrina)
Kristen Stewart: April 9, 1990 (Bella Swan)
Catalina Sandino Moreno: April 19, 1981 (Maria)
Rami Malek: May 12, 1981 (Benjamin)
Robert Pattinson: May 13, 1986 (Edward Cullen)
Nikki Reed: May 17, 1988 (Rosalie Hale)
Justin Chon: May 29, 1981 (Eric)
Elizabeth Reaser: June 15, 1975 (Esme Cullen)
Mia Maestro: June 19, 1978 (Carmen)
Graham Greene: June 22, 1952 (Harry Clearwater)
Angela Sarafyan: June 30, 1983 (Tia)
Andrea Gabriel: July 4, 1978 (Kebi)
Christian Camargo: July 7, 1971 (Eleazar)
Gil Birmingham: July 13, 1966 (Billy Black)
Michael Welch: July 25, 1987 (Mike)
Guri Weinberg: August 1 (Stefan)
Anna Kendrick: August 9, 1985 (Jessica)
Erik Odom: August 14th (Peter)
Cam Gigandet: August 16, 1982 (James)
Melissa Rosenberg: August 28, 1962 (Twilight Saga Screenwriter)
JD Pardo: September 7, 1980 (Nahuel)
Maggie Grace: September 21, 1983 (Irina)
Christian Serratos: September 21, 1990 (Angela)
MyAnna Buring: September 22, 1984 (Tanya)
David Slade: September 26, 1969 (Eclipse Director)
Kirsten Prout: September 28, 1990 (Lucy)
Toni Trucks: September 30, 1980 (Mary)
Jodelle Ferland: October 9, 1994 (Bree)
Bill Tangradi: October 16 (Randall)
Catherine Hardwicke: October 21, 1955 (Director of Twilight)
Mackenzie Foy: November 10, 2000 (Renesmee)
Jamie Campbell Bower: November 22, 1988 (Caius)
Billy Burke: November 25, 1966 (Charlie Swan)
Peter Facinelli: November 26, 1973 (Carlisle Cullen)
Chris Weitz: November 30, 1969 (Director of New Moon)
Jack Huston: December 7, 1982 (Royce King)
Xavier Samuel: December 10, 1983 (Riley)
Jackson Rathbone: December 21, 1984 (Jasper Hale)
Stephenie Meyer: December 24, 1973 (Author of Twilight Saga)
Patrick Brennan: December 25, 1972 (Liam)
Bronson Pelletier: December 31, 1986 (Jared)
Omar Metwally – Amun
Marlane Barnes – Maggie
Lisa Howard – Siobhan
Valorie Curry – Charlotte
Casey LaBow -Kate
Ty Olsson – Phil Dwyer

If you know any of these cast members birthday or if there is someone else I missed send an email to imprintation@aol.com

Breaking Dawn-1 Soundtrack Info

Soundtrack order:

1) End Tapes – Joy Formidable
Played as the first song during the credits.
2) Love Will Take You – By Angus & Julia Stone
Played during the wedding reception.
3) It Will Rain – By Bruno Mars
Played as the third song during the credits
4) Turning Page – By Sleeping At Last
Played during Edward and Bella’s first love scene. Instrumental version played as Bella walked down the aisle.
5) From Now On – By The Features
Played during the scenes where Edward & Bella play chess on the honeymoon, Bella is attempting to seduce Edward, Edward wears Bella out with activities.
6) A Thousand Years – By Christina Perri
Played as the fourth song during the credits.
7) Neighbors – By Theophilus London
Played in the background during the wedding reception.
8 ) I Didn’t Mean It – By The Belle Brigade
Played as the second song during the credits (over the Volturi scene)
9) Sister Rosetta (2011 Version) – By Noisettes
Played while Bella is “prepping” for her wedding night, and talking herself up.
10) Northern Lights – By Cider Sky
Played while Bella is dancing with Jacob outside of her wedding reception.
11) Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version) – By Iron & Wine
Played during the wedding vows.
12) Requiem On Water – By Imperial Mammoth
Played after Bella discovers she is pregnant.
13) Cold – By Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz
Played when Bella is getting sicker and sicker from carrying the hybrid baby.
14) Llovera – By Mia Maestro
Played when Bella meets Edward in the water during the honeymoon.
15) Love Death Birth – By Carter Burwell
Played during the delivery of the baby, the attempt to revive Bella, the transformation.
16) Like a Drug – Hard-Fi (Bonus track from Deluxe Version of album)
Played during dancing at the reception (notably the humans are dancing crazily when the song starts playing)

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Breaking Dawn part-1 Release ceremony

We soon will be having an auction for Breaking Dawn part-1
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Christina Perri *A Thousand Years*

Heartbeats fast 
Colors and promises 
How to be brave 
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall 
But watching you stand alone 
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow 
One step closer 

I have died everyday waiting for you 
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you 
For a thousand years 
I love you for a thousand more 

Time stands still 
Beauty in all she is 
I will be brave 
I will not let anything take away 
What's standing in front of me 
Every breath 
Every hour has come to this 
One step closer 
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/c/christina+perri/a+thousand+years_20986324.html ] 
I have died everyday waiting for you 
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you 
For a thousand years 
I love you for a thousand more 

And all along I believed I would find you 
Time has brought your heart to me 
I have loved you for a thousand years 
I love you for a thousand more 

One step closer 
One step closer 

I have died everyday waiting for you 
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you 
For a thousand years 
I love you for a thousand more 

And all along I believed I would find you 
Time has brought your heart to me 
I have loved you for a thousand years 
I love you for a thousand more.

for Kanishka Salvatore Somerhalder
  Heather Moore-Wright
    Jan Copeland 
Linda Lovrin 

To download on mp3
*A thousand years*

M.S from Imprintati0n

~ Bruno Mars It Will Rain BREAKING DAWN ~

      ~ Bruno Mars It Will Rain Lyrics ~

If you ever leave me, baby,
Leave some morphine at my door
'Cause it would take a whole lot of medication
To realize what we used to have,
We don't have it anymore.

There's no religion that could save me
No matter how long my leaves are on the floor
So keep in mind all the sacrifices I'm makin'
Will keep you by my side
Will keep you from walkin' out the door.

Cause there'll be no more sunlight
if I lose you, baby
There'll be no clear skies
if I lose you, baby
Just let the clouds, I
I will do the same if you walk away
Everyday, it will rain

I'll never be your mother's favorite
Your daddy can't even look me in the eye
Oooh if I was in their shoes, I'd be doing the same thing
Sayin there goes my little girl
walkin' with that troublesome guy

But they're just afraid of something they can't understand
Oooh well little darlin' watch me change their minds
Yea for you I'll try I'll try I'll try
I'll pick up these broken pieces 'til I'm bleeding
That'll make you mine

Cause there'll be no more sunlight
if I lose you, baby
There'll be no clear skies
if I lose you, baby
Just like the clouds, I
I will do the same if you walk away
Everyday, it will rain

I'll do the same
goodbye, don't just say, goodbye
I'll pick up these broken pieces 'til I'm bleeding
That'll make it right

Cause there'll be no more sunlight
if I lose you, baby
There'll be no clear skies
if I lose you, baby
Just like the clouds, I
I will do the same if you walk away
Everyday, it will rain




Twilight High School Flashback

The Brain: Stephenie Meyer

SCHOOL Chaparral High School, Scottsdale, Arizona
AWARDS National Merit Scholar
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY "Don't ever let anyone tell you that high school is supposed to be fun. High school is to be endured."

LEFT: Meyer in her senior year, 1992.

Twilight High School Flashback

The Rebel: Kristen Stewart

SCHOOL A. E. Wright Middle School, Calabasas, California
ACTIVITIES Writing, photography
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY “I had to stop going to school because I worked [in films] too much and my teachers resented me a lot. But I really love home school—independent study is for me.

LEFT: Stewart in 7th grade, 2003 (the actress was home schooled for high school).

Twilight High School Flashback

The best: Robert Pattinson

ACTIVITIES football, skiing, snowboarding and athletics
QUOTES "When I was 12 years old my sister dressed me as a girl and presented under the name Claudia?
SCHOOL Harrodian private school in London.
Other information can be found from "IMPRINTATION"

Twilight High School Flashback

The Jock: Taylor Lautner

SCHOOL Valencia High School, Valencia, California
ACTIVITIES Karate, football, baseball, hip-hop dance

LEFT: Lautner in his freshman year, 2007.

Twilight High School Flashback

The Good Girl: Ashley Greene

SCHOOL Wolfson High School, Jacksonville, Florida
ACTIVITIES Acting, dancing, tae kwon do, Chi Delta Pi society, cheerleading
YEARBOOK QUOTE "Who knows what can happen/Do what ya do, just keep on laughing/Find yourself/There's always a brand new day."
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY “I didn’t really have a boyfriend until I was probably 16, which my parents were thrilled about. I was like, ‘I have no time for boys,’ and my dad was, ‘Yes, I think you’re right.’

LEFT: Greene in her senior year, 2005.

Twilight High School Flashback

The Individual: Nikki Reed

SCHOOL Alexander Hamilton High School, Los Angeles, California
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY On why she left school after feeling that she didn't fit in: "If you can't find the perfect spot in a group, it's not about how pretty you are. You can't really fly solo."

LEFT: Reed in her freshman year, 2003.

Twilight High School Flashback

Mr. Popular: Kellan Lutz

SCHOOL Horizon High School, Scottsdale, Arizona
ACTIVITIES Boxing, football, Arizona Youth Billiard champion
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY "[My older brother] brought me to the parties and I was like the cool young Lutz."

LEFT: Lutz in his senior year, 2003.

Twilight High School Flashback

The Theater Queen: Rachelle Lefevre

SCHOOL Centennial Academy, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
YEARBOOK QUOTE "If u can't be w/the 1 u luv, luv the 1 ur w/!"
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY "My awkward stage extended well into high school."

LEFT: Lefevre in her senior year.

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