Breaking Dawn part-1 Release ceremony

We soon will be having an auction for Breaking Dawn part-1
Release ceremony gifts!!
who ever wants to donate anything or promote their business 
their bussiness this way,contact us on ""

(Stuff= it can be anything)

It can be on your bussiness,your books,your favorite objects,
through this you can promote your Business,page,blog,site,book and/or anything.

people will have bid on the things,there will be first one if it 

goes well,we can have another one also!!

All the stuff will have reduced cost from usuall !!

  • "The donations will be used in auction,then the bid amount will be usedin one way for the giveaway  for the people and collecting money for the coming up project "IMPRINTATION-LIBRARY"' books.

  • And also for like giveaways for the fans of Imprintations
  • and we know many women who dont have a job and their kids are either small or cant help their moms in anyway
  • the money will help them also
  • we will have to divide the money for many things
  • and i asure you,it wont be used on the admins of IMPRINTATION 
  • and it will go in all good purposes."

<T&C apply>