Robert Pattinson Picked Up Kristen Stewart From ‘Snow White’ Set.

Robert Pattinson Picked Up Kristen Stewart From ‘Snow White’ Set, New Report!

An alleged source on the set of  ’Snow White and the Huntsman’ says Rob rushed to his Kristen’s side after she was injured on set not once — but THREE times!

In Kristen Stewart‘s fairytale, Snow White doesn’t have to wait a lifetime for her prince to come to her rescue!
A source named Carmen who says she is an extra villager on the SWATH set, claims Rob picked up Kristen from the set and was very concerned for her safety when she was injured!
“I am an extra on SWATH, villager, small part, but I was reading your story Robert Pattinson has been on our set exactly 3 times since last week. He picked her up on set the other day when she hurt her foot. She also hurt her wrist the week before. ..” Carmen also writes, “He was extremely concerned for her safety…Her bf watches her constantly.”
While we can’t confirm this is 100 percent true, this absolutely seems like something Rob would do! Plus, we know Rob is in London where SWATH is being filmed!

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